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Comm 35: Power Unleashed: Here’s How to Step In To an Era of Revival

Well, never ever underestimate the utter power of the prayers of the saints. Good afternoon precious pastors, Joan here, and bless you for all you do.

I was just now reading a debrief account of the stupendous occurrence at Asbury University when spontaneously, students just stayed after church to pray, and the numbers grew. And really grew, until around 50,000 people from all over flooded into tiny Wilmore, KY to join in what became a round the clock gathering of the saints to pray and praise God. The sense of God’s presence was so strong it was commented on with wonder.

And the other wonder was the starving, craving hunger to gather before God that the country watched and recognized. Hugging, crying, rejoicing in being physically together at the church… the Asbury experience stunned the country, who, I believe, watched it happen and felt their own starving to physically gather.

Roughly 50,000 people dropped what they were doing and came, and more would have but the university ended it just from sheer overload. Too many people in a too small town.

Revival? Think so, yes. Skeptical? Why???? But look at what’s been happening for years! The prayers of the saints have been beseeching God in heaven for our country to turn robustly to God.

We can turn alright, but there’s a requirement that God has says He has before He will turn to us, and it’s that we have to repent, as a nation, of collective evil. We’ve started. When Roe v Wade was overturned by the Supreme Court the nation was stunned. It had happened and it was shocking, it was, unexpected, but we knew it was right. We all know there’s more repenting we need to do and we pray our country will indeed do it.

America has been the unique wonder of the world because only our government is designed to follow Biblical teachings. Kick the Bible out and we can say goodbye to what has made us great.

The Church is the absolute key to revival. The physical church building providing a gathering place for the saints to walk in and be together is, in itself, utterly powerful. To gather in person , to pray in a church, to learn about God in the same room, is to restore America to her true identity, a nation under God.

Your role is indescribably powerful. When you teach the Bible, you teach an otherworldly, supernatural wisdom. No human wisdom smugly force-fed to us by media, or politicians is anywhere near as good. So, preach strong! Preach real life! Preach answers! In truth, 50,000, 50 million, all are craving, starving for those real answers.

May I offer one more thought? Honestly, I think God just gave me this because it is such a worry for pastors and that’s money. Find your faith. God will provide. Teach His Word with abandoned power and trust Him to keep your doors open, your seats filled, the bills paid, and in fact to grow. And grow. And grow. That’s the nature of a revival, it grows.

Joan Lindsey, Founder and President of Lindsey Communications


Hello Pastor and Faith leader friends across America,

We are excited to connect with you and loved getting to spend time with many of you this past year when our “Church finds its voice” American Restoration tour events were in 132 cities in 24 different states between February and November.

God-fearing Americans are waking up all across the nation and realizing that to meet Jesus’ call to be Salt and Light they have a responsibility to take this culture back. Maybe the utter destruction and intentional undermining of America’s proven institutions has contributed, but clearly, God is at work in leaders’ hearts as they realize they can’t just complain about the culture, they MUST engage it right where they are!

We have told pastors for 15+ years in our meetings that they just do not recognize the influence they can and will have when they do engage in the public arena. More and more, we now have examples to show them as pastors and church leaders show up at school board and county council meetings, hold church voter registration drives, recruit poll watchers in their churches in various states, and even determine to run for office at city, county, and state levels. The positive successes are leading to more proof that Christians MUST take back this national culture from those committed to destroying our nation and we know how to help them do that!

I found some sermons that other pastors in our network and across the land are teaching and we thought it would be wonderful to share them with all of you for encouragement in this fight. Keep at it, God is not done with us yet, HE expects us to do our parts!

God Bless you and God Bless America,



Thundering pulpits

When God’s patience runs out

Chad Connelly, Founder and President of Faith Wins


Anyone watching the news cannot help but be aware of the massive attacks on religious freedom and parental rights. Parents are frustrated over the revolting, harmful messaging in schools. People of faith are being purged from their jobs in record numbers.


In light of all this, pastors often say or do nothing—not because they don’t care—but because they simply do not know their rights. And while Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) is busier than ever filing lawsuits from coast-to-coast, we don’t have to stop there. Pastors, parents, and people of faith can take advantage of empowering resources.


Let’s start with the public schools. On our website,, parents can download opt-out forms that are customized for each individual state and varying state laws. While none of the forms are fully protective from the spiritual genocide in public schools, they are significant. For example, they address these issues:

· Requesting prior notice to parents of outside speakers addressing sex or sexuality

· Opting out of sex-ed curriculum

· Refusing to allow a student to leave campus without parental consent

· Forbidding questionnaires delving into personal family beliefs also makes available, without charge, booklets on parental and student rights, and even an e-book, Reclaim Your School, discussing how parents, teachers, students, and churches can actually go on the offense.


But what about all of the employees losing their jobs strictly because of their faith? PJI represents thousands of people across the country who were wrongfully fired for their faith. Some cases involve workers with religious convictions against taking a controversial COVID-19 vaccine. And other cases involve teachers required to use pronouns that encourage students’ gender confusion, to lie to parents, and to allow teenage boys into the girls’ locker rooms. But individuals in those situations don’t have to wait to be fired. At they can find preemptive resources on what they can do to protect themselves.


But the worst long-term threat to our nation’s freedom is the silencing of pastors who are afraid to address modern day moral issues or anti-faith politicians. Pastors do not have to be silent. The law allows pastors tremendous freedom to discuss from the pulpit the biblical perspective on the latest issues (e.g., drag queens in schools and libraries), pending legislation (e.g., abortion bills), and even politicians’ evil positions.

In fact, pastors can mobilize their church members to vote by having voter registration Sundays around Memorial Day and July 4th. Pastor Peter Mordh, who heads up PJI’s Church Engagement office, stands ready to help make this happen for any church. Details for church engagement can be found at

Churches have historically proven themselves to be the conscience of the nation. At a time with so much assault on faith, and at the cusp of a potential growing revival, now is not the time to be silent. Now is the time to be equipped, bold, and courageous.


Go to and select the resource for you. We ask for a quick form be completed before you access materials, but it is for our internal purposes, and we keep your information private and confidential.

Brad Dacus, Founder and President of Pacific Justice Institute _________________________________________________________

We stand with you and are praying for each of you and yours!

-Joan, Brad, Chad and Kielle

Your Church Finds Its Voice Leadership

*Please share and forward on to your networks!


See below for Sermon Showcase, Now where was that again?, and a list of trusted media outlets.


“A Recommendation of America’s Best Historical Sermons for Your Consideration This Month.” This new resource is the addition of remarkable, historical sermons that Wallbuilders hosts on their website. Each month, we’ll be showcasing 4 sermons from the Wallbuilders archives that are historically significant and also relevant to current political and cultural events. Here is

March’s Sermon Showcase:

  • William Sprague, A Sermon Addressed to the Second Presbyterian Congregation in Albany, March 4, 1838, The Sabbath after Intelligence was Received that the Hon. Jonathan Cilley, Member of Congress from Maine, Has been Murdered in a Duel (1838) --

  • Stanley Griswold, Overcoming Evil with Good: A Sermon Delivered at Wallingford, Connecticut, March 11, 1801 Before a Numerous Collection of Friends of the Constitution of Thomas Jefferson, President and of Aaron Burr, Vice President (1801) --




TRUSTED MEDIA SOURCES (Credit: Media Research Center)

Washington Examiner

Daily Caller

Washington Times

Real Clear Politics

The Daily Wire

CNS News

News Max

One America News

El American

Fox News



Chad Connelly

President, Faith Wins

To read more about Church Do’s and Don’ts and for an expanded list of resources and contacts to call for help, please visit:

Brad Dacus

President, Pacific Justice Institute

Joan Holt Lindsey

Founder and President, Lindsey Communications

Kielle C. Horton

President, the Lindsey Foundation

**Click here for all past, archived Church Finds Its Voice Comms.

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