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Comm 36: Two Surprising Forces Rushing at Each Other; Only One Will Prevail

Picture two giant tsunami waves at opposite sides of the ocean, traveling towards each other at terrific speed, heading for collision. They each gather force and speed, coming closer to a clash all the while. When they meet, one will certainly be stronger, bigger, and more forceful. That one will swallow up the other, and be THE wave.

Good afternoon, precious pastors. Joan here, picturing for you the two tremendous cultural tsunamis on a collision course. One of these gathering waves is the radical socialist array of big government ideas.

But the other gathering wave is the Church. And it will prevail. I believe it to be so. The craziness of the far left’s ideas has disturbed so many people so profoundly that they are wondering just who does have answers?

Everyone wants good things in life for themselves and their children. Everyone bears the stamp of the Creator in their humanness. Put these two together and you have a natural aversion and doubt towards the left’s ideas. They just don’t ring true. Because they aren’t.

So folks are really asking….where, who, what IS TRUE.

Thus, the gathering tsunami wave of the Church. The Church, if they follow the Bible, has answers, and get ready… they will come. Asbury and more. The gathering cultural tsunami of faith will prevail, and subsume the other, I pray it to be.

The Church Finds Its Voice was called into existence to serve this time in our country’s history. The four of us, Chad, Brad, Kielle, and I, rally around what Chad started through Faith Wins to amplify those efforts and strengthen the Church and you, its leaders, to be ready with answers.

Chad’s going to share here some of just what has been happening, then Brad is going to remind you that he stands ready with pro bono legal backup for you. Lindsey Communications has sent out media interview information for you. Kielle and the foundation fuel this.

Remember, around 70 other organizations join us as a backup advocacy group for you, we call the Standing With coalition.

You are treasured, and valued. It’s our great honor to serve you. Next are Chad and Brad…

Joan Lindsey, Founder and President of Lindsey Communications

Hello everyone!

We have had a front row seat over these past few years to an awakening across America as God’s leaders come alive and realize the vital importance of their public arena engagement. I can’t tell you how many pastors tell me each week something like, “I just didn’t realize that this mattered and now I see that by engaging in this culture, I AM furthering the gospel and doing discipleship work for my people!” There is no doubt that God intended, and America’s Founders believed, that the church and the local pastor were the backbone of freedom. In our nation, early pastors WERE fully engaged, and DID preach on the issues of the day — if you know someone who doesn’t grasp that, let them come to one of our meetings where Wallbuilders’ founder, David Barton, or his son, Tim, do their presentations about God’s irreplaceable role in our nation.

We had an amazing experience recently that highlighted this very fact— and the recognition actually came from the media!! We held our annual “Pastor’s Summit” where we bring in core pastors — this year we had over 50 pastors from 17 states in attendance— just to get us all on the same page and to keep teaching our pattern. We had over two dozen amazing speakers including Joan Lindsey, who covered how to handle the media and difficult presentations, Reince Priebus, who talked about the intersection of faith and politics at the highest levels in the land, Congressman Bob McEwen who gave an inspiring talk on the unique nature of America and lots more! One of the highlights though was a really special US Capitol tour that took place in the evening when it wasn’t crowded at all. Keep in mind that the Capitol has been closed to tours for several years and only recently reopened with a new leadership team in place who saw the importance of Americans learning our history and who wanted visitors there. Congressman Mike Johnson, a personal friend and stalwart Christian conservative, joined us for the tour and US Senator Tim Scott spoke to our pastors on the floor of the US House of Representatives where we then prayed over them both and for our nation.

After the tour, we took our group into the Capitol Rotunda— if you’ve never been you should put it on your list— it is breathtaking! Several of our pastors then led our group in singing “How Great Thou Art” and “Amazing Grace.” The voices carried in that Rotunda beautifully and caught the notice of a Fox News reporter who did a story. Here is that clip:

Well, another reporter saw that story and thought, “there is a bigger story than this and I’m going to find it…” She tracked me down, called my cell and then did THIS story that actually told the full story! Here’s that clip….this story appeared in more than a dozen online publications too.

There was even a follow up in yet another article.

We hope you enjoy seeing those…our approach has always been dedicated to being laser beam focused on voter registration and in maximizing the Christian votes and voices throughout America and have never sought publicity, but we’re thankful when someone outside our circle recognizes — “Hey, these folks are right on track! Our nation NEEDS pastoral leadership like never before!”

We hope you’ll be a part— God Bless


Chad Connelly, Founder and President of Faith Wins


The Growing Tidal Wave of Government Oppression

Government oppression is unquestionably on the rise. The Department of Justice and FBI are treating parents at school board meetings as potential “domestic terrorists”. Pro-life counselors and peaceful patriotic demonstrators are prosecuted while radical, violent mobs and those vandalizing pro-life clinics and churches barely get noticed. In addition, the federal government has been caught using “neutral” platforms like Twitter, to manipulate elections (always in favor of the left, of course). And unfortunately, these are just a few examples of federal tyranny. Frankly, we may never have witnessed such horrific, partisan, oppressive and censoring acts by the federal government ever before in our nation’s history. In fact, many believe our very definition of who we are as a nation hangs in the balance.

Yet, among such legal and Constitutional challenges, exists tremendous hope. Our federal courts are now the most conservative (i.e., respectful of original intent) thanks to pivotal judicial appointments at all federal levels, especially the U.S. Supreme Court, by the former administration. In a relatively short period of time, breath-taking decisions have come down resulting in more power to the states regarding pro-life protections to the pre-born, religious freedom and parental rights.

And now, with red states passing laws at a fast pace protecting these rights, we at Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) are now playing a valuable legislative and litigation role. You see, by the sovereignty of God, PJI has grown rapidly over just the last few years, resulting in 29 offices in 23 states. Just recently, PJI has played a key role in furthering school choice in Florida, faith in public schools in Texas, and laws in multiple states keeping teenage boys out of girls’ sports (and locker rooms).

So, while the tidal wave of Government oppression is significant, the opportunities to challenge that oppression is stronger than ever. To keep up with our many cases, and legislative successes, just sign up for our Legal Insider e-newsletter at Also, in addition to our existing Dacus Report on over a thousand radio stations, and Brad Dacus Live on HisChannel.Com, we will soon be debuting our new half-hour streaming/cable show called Faith and Law later this year. Stay tuned!

Brad Dacus, Founder and President of Pacific Justice Institute _________________________________________________________

In Closing:

What incredible times we’re living in…and God has brought you to the forefront of the battle at just this very moment! I hope you all are feeling inspired by the courage these God-fearing patriots are showing, and that it empowers you, as it has given me freshened strength, to speak boldly in our faith - to proclaim the truth of God’s word to so many who are eagerly seeking it. We pray for you daily, and hope you know that we are with you as warriors in this spiritual battle.

Kielle Campbell, President of the Lindsey Foundation

We stand with you and are praying for each of you and yours! -Joan, Brad, Chad and Kielle Your Church Finds Its Voice Leadership *Please share and forward on to your networks! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- See below for Sermon Showcase, Now where was that again?, and a list of trusted media outlets. SERMON SHOWCASE “A Recommendation of one of America’s Best Historical Sermon for Your Consideration This Month.” Courtesy of WallBuilders. These are historically significant and relevant to current political and cultural events. Here is.... April’s Sermon Showcase:

  • Stanley Griswold, Overcoming Evil with Good: A Sermon Delivered at Wallingford, Connecticut, March 11, 1801 Before a Numerous Collection of Friends of the Constitution of Thomas Jefferson, President and of Aaron Burr, Vice President (1801) --

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOW, WHERE WAS THAT AGAIN?

_________________________________________________________ TRUSTED MEDIA SOURCES (Credit: Media Research Center) Washington Examiner Daily Caller Washington Times Real Clear Politics The Daily Wire CNS News News Max One America News El American _______________________________________________________ CONTACT US: Chad Connelly President, Faith Wins Brad Dacus President, Pacific Justice Institute Joan Holt Lindsey Founder and President, Lindsey Communications Kielle C. Horton President, the Lindsey Foundation

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