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Comm 39: Stirred, Not Shaken.

The last thirty years or so, the phrase everyone got sick of hearing was ‘There should be a separation between church and state!!” So, we were all told to be quiet and not impose our Christian beliefs into our government and laws. So ridiculous. But it was actually effective and we got quiet… and not the least because the left that endlessly pushed that mantra would enforce it with a nasty, little legal letter or two with implied threats of action if we kicked.

So, hardly anybody kicked. But we’re kicking now. In so many ways.

Good afternoon dearest pastors and Church leaders; Joan here wishing you everything good. And feeling like we’ve all been kept from so much that is good by this ridiculous imposition of a false restraint on men and women of faith. There exists no such Constitutional restraint; the Constitution only says that the government can’t tell you which religion to be. Nor can it stop you from being religious, and living your everyday life as a person of faith in the divine. That’s all. In fact it was written to ensure that what’s been imposed on the Church could never happen; they were that firm about our freedom to worship and to infuse Biblical precepts into our national life.

But wow. The left has clamped down so hard that folks are now stirred up, have had more than enough, and have grabbed ahold of ways how to break free of these artificial restraints.

Here’s how; they are reading our history, know our Constitution and have a phone number or two that connects them with legal firepower who’ll help them, like Pacific Justice Institute whose President, Brad Dacus, is on of our coalition members. They are going on media interviews, writing op-eds, they are speaking out, showing up, getting into office (yay!), and telling their kids the truth about our nation’s honorable history.

From my point of view the media is a real big problem. They can either support or destroy a system in any country, and they’ve been distinct culprits for decades. My life has been spent working to turn that around and it is a joy to see the American Church face down the media and tell them what’s up.

The Church is stirred up, and no longer shaken by a media that’s working against our national interests. They’re stirred to courage and to use their voice. So awesome.

Here’s Chad with some encouraging on-the-ground views:

Joan Lindsey is the Founder and President of Lindsey Communications


Hello everyone!

Chad here— speaking to you from the road! Our team has now been in 20 states this year doing the “off year” work that it takes to maximize the Christian vote in 2024. While we do not endorse, we are eager to inform, educate, and activate faith voters. From my perspective, having been with pastors from 24 different denominations in their churches over the past year and speaking to their congregants, there IS a movement afoot! The blatant crime and lawlessness in the streets, the homelessness in the cities, the open border crisis making all of our states border states, the disgusting sexualization of children and the unequal judicial treatment we’re seeing are all making sure that normal people who have not engaged in the culture wars are now doing so.

First, they are MOTIVATED to engage like never before. Next, they are upset, frustrated and totally leery of anything Big Media pushes on them and are almost to a person convinced that we must fix our voting systems, and finally, we are seeing real GROWTH in the sheer numbers of people and churches and pastors who are finally saying, “I’ve had it, what can I do to make a difference?” I think we may very well be reaching the critical mass of the groundswell needed to take our nation back for God. Pastors especially are recognizing that the left cannot be this incompetent and stupid in their policies in our nation, and they are truly witnessing an intentional undermining and destruction of our foundations. Psalm 11:3 comes to mind--If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do? Well, we actually can help with that and let them know exactly what to do in these times!

The movement taking place is leading to growth inside and outside the church walls…groups of citizen activists are cropping up, churches are doing David Barton’s Patriot Academy and getting informed, pastors are encouraging their congregants to engage — go to school board meetings and speak up and out against the filthy books and “drag queen story hours” that are being pushed on our kids, run for office, take a stand for truth! It’s happening ya’ll!! I could tell stories all day long but for brevity I’ll just tell this one. I met two ladies at one of our pastor meetings. In off years, we primarily do small meetings with pastors and ask them to invite other pastors and faith leaders who need to hear our message. At one of those meetings in an East Coast city, two ladies came up to me, explained that they and their husbands were always very liberal voters, atheistic about God and just ambivalent about the happenings in our nation, thinking that the elected officials had their best interests at heart- interested in simply “keeping us safe” sort of thing.

When the filth began intruding into their children’s lives and classrooms and their trusted politicians stood up for boys in girls’ restrooms and more, they took a stand. At one of their school board meetings they met an engaged pastor, heard him explain the Gospel and his activity in the community, gave their lives to the Lord, and are now heavily involved in that church AND the community they live in!! Normal people are figuring out that this battle we ALL feel is not Republican vs Democrat or Conservative vs Liberal anymore. No, it’s good versus evil. We know we win this, we’ve read the Book, but we have an obligation to engage and NOT stay silent in the face of true evil. We have to be truth tellers.

Two things come to mind as I wrap up to go speak at a pastor conference in Colorado: First- you must lead. Go to your pastor, tell them that you need to have a non-partisan voter registration drive at your church. Every year, and I’d suggest two Sundays in a row, make sure that 100% of the congregation is registered to vote. If you need help with your pastor, email me at and I’ll connect them with one of our Faith Wins team pastors in your state to explain why and how they got involved and how easy that process is. We’ll help with voter guides and other resources after you get that step done. At the same time, go to (scroll to the bottom of the homepage) to sign up to get the emails and also see the pastor videos and other resources. You will then receive updates, meeting locations, and our specific plans in your state.

Next, our team is doing small, private pastor meetings with the various presidential candidates. We have invited them all…as you can imagine, some don’t necessarily want to be around pastors who ask hard questions. That’s fine, but we’ve now done over 35 meetings with 7 different presidential candidates in the 3 top early states, with many more planned. At this point in our nation’s history, it is VITAL that we choose a strong leader who will lead the fight against the obvious forces trying to take our nation down. We do not endorse, but we are convinced that we are in a position to ask the hard questions in a private setting, ensure that pastors in all these states have real relationships with the candidates and their staffs — many of the staff members will serve in various places and they need to know our stances too— and that these candidates see that Christians issues matter to our nation. I believe we are seeing pastors across America adopting that Spirit of the American Revolution where pastor leaders actually led in the public arena and made sure their congregations were engaged. If you want to help with that, sign up at to get invitations to those private meetings!

A final thought, do not be distracted by all of the “noise.” Be careful where you get your information and do not let people in your sphere of influence buy into the mantra that “our vote doesn’t count.” I understand the frustration, but you need to realize that the NON-VOTING Christian numbers are overwhelmingly more than any scheme of the left could create — and if we do our part to get them out to vote— the situation will solve itself!

God Bless y’all, see you soon


Chad Connelly is the Founder and President of Faith Wins


We are here for you whenever you need us. We know you are stirred up, but don’t be shaken. It is without question, we have seen our nation move in shocking and disturbing directions when it comes to radical ideologies plaguing public schools, oppression in the workplace, and attacks on pastors and ministries—especially in the “blue states.” However, we cannot allow ourselves to be blinded with regard to the great positive trends and opportunities that have opened up for believers in America.

Over the last two years, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) has provided us with monumental case law that advances religious freedom for employees and employers of faith, as well as greater protections for parents' rights and the sanctity of human life.

Pacific Justice Institute assisted states across the country in adopting laws that protect girls' sports and girls' locker rooms. Additionally, we have supported states like Florida in passing laws that provide school choice for all parents who wish to send their children to religious private schools.

We played a pivotal role in influencing the Texas Legislature to permit school chaplains to work alongside school counselors in public schools. In order to expedite these achievements further, we have appointed a full-time Legislative Counsel, Janice Lorrah. She will collaborate with legislatures across the country to advocate for legislation that supports faith, parents' rights, and the sanctity of life. To assist her, we have expanded our presence with 34 offices spanning 24 states coast to coast. These attorneys are equipped and ready to provide testimony before state legislatures in all 50 states.

On the litigation front, our caseload has grown significantly, with more than 200 active cases across the country. One of these cases represents approximately 1,000 employees who were fired by the city of San Francisco due to their sincere religious beliefs.

On the political front, we achieved success in the last election by assisting hundreds of churches in voter registration efforts and the recruitment of candidates for school board positions. We anticipate a substantial increase in these efforts in 2024. The opportunities for success are within reach—all that remains is for us to step up to the plate and hit those home runs.

Yes, we are indeed facing unbelievable challenges and witnessing concerning trends that have permeated our nation across schools, workplaces, and the public square. With the addition of new justices to the Supreme Court, we now have both precedent-setting case law and an expansion of offices and attorneys. This development marks what I believe to be the beginning of positive trends that will benefit generations to come! We’re right here for you!

Brad Dacus is the Founder and President of Pacific Justice Institute ____________________________________________________________

In Closing:

Hello to you all…sending our prayers to you this month. As more and more news is heard about a potential resurgence of the Covid virus and the wave of restrictions that will no doubt begin to be imposed again, I want to reiterate Joan’s important message. The government has no jurisdiction to dictate your religion. While it attempts to do so under the guise of saving lives and keeping citizens “safe,” it now wants to reframe the Constitution to accomplish the goals of keeping us out of church and from hearing truth that strengthens all of us as a believing community. There is power in our numbers, and it makes the tiny handful of D.C. elites very nervous. The Bible is the Bible, our faith is our faith, the Constitution is the Constitution…unchangeable by those who want to silence truth. They can try, and we know they will, but our prayer for you is to be continually refreshed and infused with courage from the Almighty to not just stand up against this evil, but to continue to share the Word of God in love and power!

Kielle Campbell Lindsey is the President of the Lindsey Foundation


As always, we are standing with you and are praying for each of you and yours!

-Joan, Brad, Chad and Kielle

Your Church Finds Its Voice Leadership Coalition

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Chad Connelly

President, Faith Wins

Brad Dacus

President, Pacific Justice Institute

Joan Holt Lindsey

Founder and President, Lindsey Communications

Kielle C. Lindsey

President, the Lindsey Foundation

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