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Comm #47: The Incredible Power of Face to Face

Updated: May 7

The Incredible Power of Face to Face

Digital ads, emails that use your first name, even zoom can’t begin to have the immense impact of being there. Physically present. Jesus said it was about one thing; loving each other and when we show up, we do it best.

Good afternoon dear pastors, Joan here. Nothing beats face to face, voice to voice, eyeball to eyeball. It’s why Kielle, Brad, and I rally around Chad Connelly who travels simply everywhere to see you in person. It’s why I personally hiked along through 44 cities with him when we first brought David Barton to you in person.

Those who’ve wanted you silenced have succeeded by silo-ing you. They don’t want you connected.

We show up to know you, strengthen you, connect you, and applaud your voice. Our country needs to hear from you.

 We thought you might like to know what the media thinks and what politicians think about you now. They know you’re a growing and connecting voice. They’re paying respectful attention.

Here’s the Church Finds Its Voice Coalition in the video below:

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