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Comm #23: The American Restoration Tour Begins

A Coalition of Lindsey Communications, The Lindsey Foundation, Faith Wins and the Pacific Justice Institute to Empower the Resurgence of the Church Vote!

Comm #23: The American Restoration Tour Begins

Telling You What They’ve Kept From You

Good afternoon to our greatly treasured pastors and ministry leaders. Joan here, and we can’t wait to see least we’ll get to see many of you, and I wish it were all.

Last month we gave you a preview of what we’ve been up to on your behalf; planning a speaking tour to bring our country’s premier historian, David Barton of WallBuilders, to as many towns and cities as we could muster. We want you to hear directly from him, live and in person, what he knows about our nation’s true story.

OK, so it’s occurred to me as it probably has to you, that historians haven’t exactly been in the mainstream of American thought for some years. Our public schools have been cleansing curriculum to avoid much history. And why? Because there are those whose idea of freedom is being ‘freed’ from any remembrance of a nation defined by the Church. Which is what we are still, despite their straining efforts to grow the State, not the Bible, to be our dominant voice.

We used to have historians in this country who were pretty much unified in the story they shared about America’s Founding, and told the truth about the God-led men and women who revolted and fought a war to get what they wanted more than anything; freedom to follow the Bible exactly to have a life in step with Biblical teaching.

And they did it. They had a miracle of a win against the English military, which was magnitudes stronger than theirs, by divine help. And so they started to build a country reflecting the way Scripture said it should be. Our very Constitution, for example, is basically one verse after another put into more human words. It was so brilliant that even the men who wrote it remarked in their writings that they felt God’s supernatural influence. I believe it. I’ve read it and I see it. Plus it has lasted almost 250 years - that alone is unexplainable any other way.

So one historian remains who still understands all this; David Barton. It’s no wonder that those who would like to rid America of all faith try to take him down. It’s because he knows the truth, and the truth is astonishing.

So we wanted you to hear him. You come, and then you will absolutely know it’s the truth.

David owns the largest privately held collection of original American writings in the country. For decades he has led his team of researchers in studying them to accurately understand our exact story, and then to tell it. He is in demand - what I would call super-demand. And since we sent you last month’s email comm to announce that we’re bringing him to 16 states, we’ve been inundated with requests. We’re up to 40 cities because you all know, you absolutely know, that our country’s leaders and media have not wanted you to know what he knows.

They’ll tell you anything, anything but this…..that America is a miracle raised up to present a life with Christ to its inhabitants and to the world. A Godly witness more compelling than any domination by force (the human way). America has been the gold standard, the country whose borders are flooded with those who want to be here because it has been the Church that has created what former President John Adams called Utopia. Here’s what he said in a letter to Thomas Jefferson:

“Suppose a nation in some distant region should take the Bible for their only law book and every member should regulate his conduct by the precepts there exhibited….What a Utopia - what a Paradise would this region be! The Bible is the best book in the world.”

So here comes the American Restoration Tour, starting September 8th and going through mid-November. To bring you the true story, from our best historian, so you will know.

Please visit our website’s Events page here to see the schedule for these appearances.

All of us in the coalition (ha, there are only four of us!), want not a thing from this except to serve you. We just wanted you to hear David because we all sense a strengthening of the Church in this country. Revival? Well, I think so and pray so. What a thrill it has been for us to watch you all use your voice more and more, and increasingly bless the country. We are so glad for you.



Here’s an exciting update from Chad Connelly, Founder of Faith Wins, and his team, all working diligently to plan the American Restoration Tour

Our team at Faith Wins is in the middle of planning all of the details and logistics of making 40+ meetings happen in 16 different states over a 10 week period, and we are all so excited that all of you will have the chance to hear America's greatest historian, David Barton, in your area!

We had 17 pastors from around the nation - who had emerged from last year's meetings determined to get involved and make a difference - meet with David this spring. Those meetings gave us a glimpse of what you're in store for...a changed perspective on God's role in our nation's history and the truths that are foundational to America's success.

If you know pastors or others in churches near you who doubt that they should be involved "politically" or have a say in what happens in our nation, those people NEED to hear David. His presentations stir people to action because they hear, maybe for the first time, the TRUTH about how this nation was formed, how pastoral leaders in our past emerged to be THE most influential voices that forged a nation. It is truly sad that America's rich history has been intentionally lied about, glossed over, or covered up by people bent on destruction, but this is YOUR chance to help change that in your communities! God Bless you, see you in your state soon!



And now from Brad Dacus, President of Pacific Justice Institute...

Have you ever listened to someone tell a story and halfway through their tale you realize that there is just no way what they are telling you is true? That’s exactly how we want millions of young people to feel when they begin to listen to their woke, leftist public school ‘history’ teacher as he or she begins to falsely describe America as being founded in 1619 when the first slaves arrived to the first colonies. We long for the day when young people no longer tolerate the narrative that this country is so evil and systemically flawed that it must be deconstructed and reformed into the image of the left. This image of how America needs to be ‘transformed’ has been the focus of a massive movement of leftists in America for quite some time. They are intent on changing the present by erasing our past. They have poisoned the minds of so many Americans and countless young leaders across our nation have been trapped by their corrupt perspective of the past.

However, Jesus said it best when He told a group of misled leaders in the nation of Israel that the truth would make them free. (John 8:32) There is nothing more liberating to young leaders than to know the truth. There is nothing that the next generation is more hungry for right now than the truth. There’s nothing that can wake up the Church and help our communities to return to the morals and principles that made this country great than the truth. And there is no one more qualified to talk about the truth of how this country was truly founded than the historian and champion of the truth, David Barton.

This tour is going to be such an asset in helping churches inspire the next generation to stand for the truth. Never have we had a moment in our history where this information was so crucially needed to change the trajectory of where we are heading. We can’t wait to meet you on this tour and to offer all of the different help and resources available to you and your church during this dark hour. We are passionate about equipping you to be salt and light in the community in which God has called you to engage.

Satan knows what the left no longer hides: the Church is the key to restoring America. The Church can no longer sit back and take a ‘neutral’ position. Now is the time to engage and overcome the powers of darkness. Now is the time to make our voices heard. Now is the time to restore America!

We are just a handful of days from this tour commencing! Let’s begin to talk to those around us and encourage them not just to attend but to join you in sharing the truth about our country every American desperately needs to hear.



Our dear friends, we are all buzzing with excitement over what God is doing through our Coalition, using it to bring David Barton’s powerful message to you - a message of truth and reality so compelling, the enemy and those who hate our country will say anything and try anything to silence it. Those efforts alone speak volumes about the battle for the future of our nation.

The American Restoration Tour starts in only 11 days!! Remember to check the Events page of the Church Finds Its Voice website for Tour dates and locations -

God has gifted David Barton with the ability to present America’s founding history in the most astonishing way possible - sharing the real, factual TRUTH - he holds the greatest collection of historical, founding documents to prove it!! And hearing him speak is a life-changing event. We are honored to bring his remarkable voice and teaching to as many of you as we can, and we promise it will be a turning point in the way you understand and view our nation, the men and women who faithfully founded it and God’s providential hand over every moment of its existence.

Living in the United States is a gift...a blessing that we should never take for granted, and we thank God every day that He has endowed us to it and it to us. We pray for you continually, that you each would be strengthened by His mighty power to seek the truth of our country’s founding and history, and share it with conviction in a time it is needed more than ever.

With a grateful heart,



We stand with you and are praying for you!

-Joan, Brad, Chad and Kielle

Your Church Finds Its Voice Leadership

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Chad Connelly

President, Faith Wins

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Brad Dacus

President, Pacific Justice Institute

Joan Holt Lindsey

Founder and President, Lindsey Communications

Kielle C. Horton

President, the Lindsey Foundation

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