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Comm #25: The American Restoration Tour is All That!

Good afternoon treasured pastors and Church leaders, and warm greetings from the road. The American Restoration Tour is midway through the schedule with several states left to go before ending late November.

And it is truly All That!

We had wanted you to see David Barton, our nation’s greatest historian, live and in person so you would know, really know down deep that America’s true history is nothing short of magnificent, and that the role played by pastors is nothing short of profound. You carry the baton for those first pastors, and your role should always be just as profound in the running of our country.

I’ve been state to state, city to city and here’s what I know; the Church has been publicly, brutally discredited by many on the left including the media, and that same Church no longer feels like being polite about it.

So now, you’re listening to David Barton as he travels to you around the country and hearing the truth about yourself as Americans - that YOU should be leading this country, no bones about it. From the first - Christopher Columbus onward - God has established this country to be a reflection of His plan for government, to be run by a Godly and reverent people. And up until fairly recently, that’s what we had. But now it’s time to correct.

At each speaking event on the American Restoration Tour, here’s the order of how we go; Chad greets and tells how Faith Wins began in order to connect the churches. And then that our coalition formed under the name The Church Finds Its Voice to strengthen that effort.

Then I describe what our four organizations bring to the effort and then introduce David. To introduce David Barton it’s good to say that of all U.S. historians he’s the only one who knows the full accurate story. He’s the only one who personally owns 160,000 original American documents and has researched them for decades to piece together what really happened, what was said, what was meant, and how entirely Biblical it all was.

And that makes him a problem for the current crop of history revisionists. David Barton’s version of history is the only version that’s documented!

And that makes YOU, once you hear our country’s true history from David Barton’s lips, also a big ol’ problem for those guys.

Because you’ll know the true history.

Which is an awesome thing. The Church should know our wonderful Christian history, should be defending our Christian based Constitution against these revisionists, and definitely should be leading our government and our education.

Everywhere we’ve been, audiences of the saints have responded with immense encouragement, astonishment and awe to what David is presenting. When I’m sitting in the audience, I can see and hear the emotion and energy in the crowd as they hear, usually for the very first time, what has been kept hidden from them by those who would wish to silence the Church. There is a new embrace of their duty as saints to lead in matters of national governance. It is absolutely thrilling to watch the Church come alive!

The American Restoration Tour is all that!

Chad is going to tell you more exciting insights from the tour next. Be sure to click on the link to David’s American Restoration Tour special presentation he did on Columbus Day to see and hear for yourself how transformative it all is! Then Brad is going to recap the legal rights of the Church ( we have them aplenty!) Then Kielle will bring it all home.

Take good heart dear Church. God is our Defender.



Here’s Chad, President of Faith Wins, with another update live from the tour...

Hello everyone and thank you for your prayers! I hope many of you have made it to one of the 35 meetings in 10 states we’ve held so far on the American Restoration tour! By the time you read this, we’ll have completed over 90% of our planned meetings and boy, has it been a whirlwind!

Our goal was simple-- put as many people as possible in front of America’s greatest living Christian historian, David Barton, in 40+ cities in 15 or so states so that more Americans would have an appreciation of God’s role in our nation and a new awareness of the importance of their engagement in today’s culture. Of course, our plan was to then mobilize those folks to increase the number of pastors and churches who would lead in their communities next year and conduct voter registration AND to help us spread the word to other churches to do the same.

By all accounts of anyone watching, our little part time team has more than pulled it off! In fact, my secret goal was for 5000 pastors and faith leaders to be in those meetings and after just about 90% of the tour, we have now had over 12,500 people in those meetings with more to come! Our meetings have run the gamut—we’ve held meetings in churches where we had a ready-made crowd and just folded our portion into their Sunday morning or evening or Wednesday evening services, we’ve done pastor breakfasts and lunches, and we’ve even done community meetings where a group allowed us to come in and join in their event. Our team has re-learned the old adage, “blessed are the flexible, for they will not be bent out of shape!”

It has been a blessing partnering with Lindsey Communications, the Lindsey Foundation and Pacific Justice Institute to equip pastors across America with the tools they need to fully engage this culture. There is no doubt this tour could not have been this big and broad without all of their help.

Truly, it has been wild—we’ve endured another phase of Covid around the nation, travel challenges, flight delays, schedule changes and even David’s laryngitis but we have not cancelled a single meeting, AND, we’ve actually added some meetings in various areas on the fly. I’m really proud of the team for all of their detailed organization and planning for venues, churches, flights, and assorted other situations that they tackled with poise and professionalism. One of the real blessings is that over 30 other pastors have now asked me to let them host an event in the future—that is truly outstanding and a real indicator that our relationships are expanding as we prayed. I’m excited as we move forward into a nation-defining election season coming up. Indeed, like maybe never before, we MUST maximize the Christian vote AND voices in every level of American government if we are to keep our republic alive!


Click on the link below to watch David’s Columbus Day presentation and the regular presentation he’s giving to the Church on these tour stops, and see for yourself how amazing he is live. What he shares and how he shares it will BLOW YOU AWAY!!


And now an update from Brad Dacus, President and Founder of Pacific Justice Institute…

Never before have we seen such a great need for the protection of religious freedom. From church closures to employees’ and students’ status threatened, we are seeing just how far the gubernatorial and presidential administrations intends to strip us of our most fundamental freedoms. While Pacific Justice Institute has served tens of thousands of people of faith who have been threatened with termination or suspension for refusing to get vaccinated due to their sincere religious beliefs, we are working diligently to help in other matters related to parental rights and other civil liberties. The ways in which we help are by providing resources, legal advice and representation ALWAYS AT NO CHARGE.

We are currently defending Los Angeles police officers against the city of Los Angeles, the LAPD, and LA Mayor Eric Garcetti, over their mandate requiring these officers to get the COVID-19 vaccine. The city marked October 20th as the date to fire thousands of officers if they have not gone along with the department’s unconstitutional mandate. We believe that the civil liberties of people all around the country are being threatened and we at PJI won’t stand for it. We expect this to turn into thousands of officers seeking legal representation.

Moreover, we are concerned about the rights of parents to decide what is best for their children’s wellbeing. This past summer new provisions of Florida law were enacted to require all school district facial covering policies to unconditionally allow parents to opt their children out of wearing facial coverings at school. Initially, the School Board of Palm Beach County complied and changed its facial covering policy to allow unconditional parental opt-outs. The parents of over 11,000 students submitted opt-out letters. However, on August 18, SDPBC eliminated the parental opt-out and dishonored already-submitted opt-out letters. PJI is stepping up for parents’ rights to opt out their children.

PJI strives to serve as many people as possible. That is why we offer a variety of free resources. Here are some of our popular resources as of late.

  • COVID Vaccine Resource Page: Provides instructions on how students and employees can draft a religious exemption or accommodation letter. The page also includes other valuable resources pertaining to mandatory vaccination.

  • Denial of Religious Exemption: Step by step guidance on what to do after religious exemption or accommodation is denied.

  • Four Types of Church-Parent Homeschool Co-Ops: Alternative education paths that parents can utilize to ensure their children receive biblical value-based education.

  • Zoom Calls: PJI’s bi-weekly Zoom calls serve to share the latest updates on legislation, PJI cases, and issues concerning religious freedom with time allotted at the end for Q&A.

PJI has also been quite busy serving churches and pastors across this great nation with the Church Finds it Voice program. PJI Pastor Liaison Peter Mordh, continues to work directly with thousands of pastors providing valuable resources, direction and tools necessary for pastors to navigate the existing world and aid both themselves as well as their congregations. A few of those resources are the following:

To access these resources and many more, click the links above or visit

Pacific Justice Institute is here to walk with you every step of the way. With 19 offices in 15 states, we are protecting the rights of churches, parents, employees, businesses, students and many more individuals, coast to coast. If you or someone is in need of assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at or give our office a call at 916-857-6900.

While it has been a long season with the everchanging COVID-19 mandates and other issues in our nation, we want you to know that you are not alone! We at Pacific Justice Institute pray that you are encouraged and equipped to exercise your rights to boldly live out your faith.

Keep the faith!

Running the Race,

- Brad


God has clearly abundantly endowed David Barton to share our nation’s true founding story in the most electrifying way, but he has also endowed YOU as pastors and faith leaders to take these remarkable truths and carry them back to your congregations, communities and beyond...with that same passion and life changing unveiling of truth. It is YOUR voice, the voice of YOUR church that will be the catalyst in carrying such vital messages forward, so that every single person in this nation can know the truth.

Don’t forget that everything we’re writing about and sharing with you in these Comms, from biblical truths about our nation’s founding, to legal help and communications strategies and what’s happening in the Church, can be found in those archived Comms, attached to this email and on the website here: so please do use that resource - it’s for you!

David’s latest book, The American Story: The Beginnings is one of the most popular books being sold (and sold out!) on The American Restoration Tour - you can get it here:

It’s the best summary of our country’s real history, and covers a lot of what David is presenting from the stage. You’ll read it and will have a powerful understanding of how the revisionists are twisting history. If you’re not able to hear David in person, this book covers what he’s saying and beyond - it’s miraculously good and will arm you with the truth!



We stand with you and are praying for you!

-Joan, Brad, Chad and Kielle

Your Church Finds Its Voice Leadership

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Chad Connelly

President, Faith Wins

To read more about Church Do’s and Don’ts and for an expanded list of resources and contacts to call for help, please visit:

Brad Dacus

President, Pacific Justice Institute

Joan Holt Lindsey

Founder and President, Lindsey Communications

Kielle C. Horton

President, the Lindsey Foundation

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