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Comm 38: So How Should We Choose a President?

OK, so it’s all over the news, the comings and goings, the sayings and doings of the growing group of men and women who would like us to consider them as our nation’s future President.

They dress nicely and put their best ideas forward. Good afternoon, treasured pastors, Joan here speaking today as a veteran media person because it’s very instructive to look at the upcoming election by way of the news media’s influence. Yes folks, there they are, at our elbow, whispering their views into our unsuspecting ears. Digital news, photo ops, TV, radio, headlines, speeches all come to us in edited form, and usually shaped to convey a sense of story. Story sells. So they heighten the story. Shock sells, so they highlight for shock. What else? The unique, the odd, the unusual to capture your attention. But, isn’t that biased reporting?

The media came right out in 2016 and said that trying to avoid bias in order to be balanced was something they were deliberately going to stop. After all, the country was at stake!! And so, biased they became and did their best to shape one candidate “good”, and the other “bad”.

But when you think about that, why then would you trust their truthfulness? Their objectivity? Aren’t they still trying to shape your views of candidates? Sure thing. Yes they are.

So we can fall back on how Scripture tells us to know. (Exodus 18:21a). We are to elect leaders who love God (respect His way), who are able (know the Constitution and are competent to uphold it), and who are not self-seeking (they want to serve not gain).

Most candidates now have already held an office so we can “know them by their doings”.

Forget the media’s opinion. Look at performance.

The enemy has historically kept our country’s faith voters divided because we’re busy debating with each other, not going after the real enemy. And now our country desperately needs very able, and very strong leadership. And we can have it, if we can shrug off the media's attempt to get us to focus on a candidate’s style, and recognize it as their bias at work. Which candidate threatens them? That’s a candidate we might just like.

I’ll bet if we knew every wart, flaw, ill-spoken word, and foible of the candidates of prior generations no one would think them fit. And yet so many great leaders emerged that the media would have destroyed. As for our witness? We demonstrate the strength of grace when we vote wisely despite a candidate’s style. Look at Lincoln. Such concerns. And yet he proved himself a tremendous leader.

Candidates are humans with personalities that differ. Look past style and weigh competency. We need a warrior, a strong leader, a highly able decision maker. That’s a good measuring stick.

That’s how the Bible directs us to choose a President.

And here’s Brad with more on that topic:

Joan Lindsey is the Founder and President of Lindsey Communications


Know the Times…and vote accordingly!

Back in high school, we can all remember how we decided who to vote for to be class president. They had to be popular, have a friendly personality and have the most friends. It wasn’t about pending “issues”, since the class president had no real powers. Their election would have no direct impact on the welfare, safety or future of any fellow student.

Well unfortunately, many seemingly choose who to vote for public office (e.g., President of the United States) using the same criteria. And unlike a high school class president, public office elections can have a major impact on the welfare, safety and future of us and our children.

We at Pacific Justice Institute have witnessed this in dramatic ways recently.

Because of the prior administration’s SCOTUS appointments, in just two years we have witnessed the reversal of Roe v. Wade, already saving the lives of over 50,000 babies! States are now free to institute school choice, with a number of states already implementing it. And this year alone, the Court has strengthened the rights of business owners (and others) not to be compelled to say something that violated their beliefs. Employees have much more protection to have their faith accommodated in the workplace. (This decision alone will be a significant boost for more than 90 cases we have pending right now!). And, colleges and businesses receiving any government funds will have to cease any future race based preferences.

That said, we have witnessed policies enacted in the last two years by the existing administration that pose a huge, direct threat to our freedoms. Executive mandates ordering gender confused boys to use girls' locker rooms at the same time, boys competing in girls’ sports, and providing abortifacients via mail to women in pro-life states are just a few examples. The executive branches of the Department of Defense and FBI targeted concerned parents at school board meetings as potential “domestic terrorists”. Their instituting unequal justice and prosecuting based on politics may very well threaten our long term trust of government at best, and instill public revolts at worst. Then there are policies (or lack thereof) of border security resulting in massive human trafficking and over 100,000 fentanyl deaths last year alone. All this, combined with growing threats to fiscal responsibility, survival of cities and national security, spells out fairly clearly some important priorities in deciding who to vote for, especially when one takes the time to apply a Biblical worldview.

Yet, some Christians choose to ignore these issues and instead focus on other factors, like personality, likeability, and even the degree of a leader’s personal spiritual maturity. While perceived spiritual maturity is an asset, especially for occupations (e.g., pastors) that require it, is it logical to allow such a standard to trump more important issues of competency like a candidates proven track record to implement policies that are in fact aligning with Biblical priorities and the welfare of a nation? Putting it another way, should someone choose a brain surgeon for any other standard than their skill set to be the best brain surgeon?

While our individual emotions and personal religious piety can be compelling, we must remember what’s at stake when choosing our next leaders. Put another way, let’s leave aside the feelings about personality to electing class presidents, where the consequences aren’t so high.

Brad Dacus is the Founder and President of Pacific Justice Institute


All over the nation, pastors and faith leaders are demonstrating that they are awakening to the recognition that elections matter. ALL ELECTIONS matter — and we as Christians can’t just “check the box” anymore and vote on the best ads, or glitzy slogans or mail pieces…we MUST engage! To engage, we must commit to being informed. There is a committed secular anti-God, anti-American element whose “religion” IS the political sphere. They’re not going to church, doing committee meetings and so forth, and in many cases, aren’t doing the family/church/kid stuff we’ve all done…they are doing political activism. All you have to do is look around and see planning and intentionality in the disruptions, protests, and societal decline — it feels sometimes like we’re living in the old Twilight Zone show! As Joan says above, we have to realize what is at stake….these next elections at every level will determine the direction our nation takes. Either Christians will engage, become informed, and activate in numbers we’ve never seen before, or it is clear that uniformed people who believe the government is “god” will take us down a road of socialism, big government and more and more trampling on our freedoms. If you’re not sure how to engage, let us help you. Call me, Brad or Joan or email us back and make sure you come to one of our events in these coming months. I promise you—we are working to bring truth to your state and area too and we want your help!

God Bless you and God Bless America! Know this, if we’re here, God is NOT done with us, our churches, or our nation. It’s our turn!! God is tapping us on the shoulder and asking “Who Shall I send??” There is only one response, “Here I am!! Send me!”

Chad Connelly, Founder and President of Faith Wins


In Closing:

Hello to you all. Joan, Brad and Chad are all so very right…elections matter in ways that can affect the course of a nation for generations. That’s why billions of dollars are spent leading up to a presidential election…there can be such divergent consequences that are immensely critical. The ripple effect touches on every aspect of our lives. Choosing that right person with those billions of dollars aimed only at influencing your vote…not always so easy. And polling isn’t always a reliable source.

We shouldn’t be influenced by the perception of the majority - it’s being fed by strongly biased organizations and individuals and those many, many, many dollars. We know that we can only rely on the one true influence - God’s word and the values and beliefs we hold as Christians to help us choose the best person to lead our nation, a nation divinely appointed and founded on Christian principles. We saw in 2016 that the mainstream media and those individuals and organizations pulling the strings of polling behind the scenes did everything they could to give the perception that one candidate was going to win in a landslide, even to the point of magazine covers with that candidate’s face being not only printed, but distributed prior to Election Day. The goal was to manipulate the American people’s understanding of the inevitability of that outcome so powerfully that it would have the effect of dissuading voter turnout, therefore ensuring that desired outcome. Our right as citizens to cast a vote is a powerful and important one, and we should do all we can to be sure that what influences our decisions all the way down the ballot are truthful and right. So, stay strong and don’t just hold true to the source you know will always provide the right answers…preach it! It’s the antidote to those influences so intent on capturing their desired outcome - the truth of God’s word is so much more powerful!

Kielle Campbell is the President of the Lindsey Foundation


As always, we are standing with you and are praying for each of you and yours!

-Joan, Brad, Chad and Kielle

Your Church Finds Its Voice Leadership Coalition

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Chad Connelly

President, Faith Wins

Brad Dacus

President, Pacific Justice Institute

Joan Holt Lindsey

Founder and President, Lindsey Communications

Kielle C. Lindsey

President, the Lindsey Foundation

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