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Comm 41: More About the Last Chapter of the Book

So, our coalition (Kielle, Chad, Brad, and me (Joan) were on the phone yesterday-a quick call to have a few more minutes to chat because our prior call had been short. It had been short because Chad was expected at a meeting with a candidate for the Presidential nomination. And that was because the candidate, like all of the candidates, wants to talk with you and about you. The Church- that is you, and us, and every believer in the nation and that’s a whoooollle lot of people. Voters. Lots and lots of us. We’re a big number and have a big voice and it’s being heard when we use it to lead our country and the world to truth.

Let’s use it for sure now, for Israel. Because we’re the grafted-in folks to the main branch, the Jews who are hated like nobody else we’ve ever known. They’ve always been hated, and with a demonic unreasoning thirst for their blood.  What we’re seeing go on in the Middle East is a moral outrage against God’s people. God’s men, women, children, babies - and there’s thankfully a growing pushback here in the U.S. The pushback is building against the protesters in the streets here at home who are vilifying Israel and justifying the terrorizing of them by Hamas. 

We’re hearing about University donors pushing back hard, especially on Harvard - Fox News Digital, Kristine Parks, “Elite Universities Feel Heat From Donors Over Left-Wing Students’  ‘Twisted’ anti-Israel Statements “.

Politicians are speaking to the media condemning pro-terror pro-Hamas sentiments.

The media itself is coming around on the right side of this.

Hollywood has been uncharacteristically quiet. But so many who work in, or are key decision makers in the entertainment industry are Jewish. Will they speak out?

But wait, maybe they’re confused. Left-wing protestors noisily scream Israel is a ‘colonizer’. Is it true? But America has always stood with Israel. Why? 

To un-confuse this, we want to share a couple of key resources.  As an outstanding overview first, I refer you to the brilliant Mark Levin - the short video here with Mark Levin and Brett Bozell is excellent. Brent Bozell and the Media Research Center are always on top of the information, providing us the best facts and bringing accountability to the media.  Kielle will share with you a broader overview of the history of this conflict from another Israel expert, Gary Bauer, later in this comm. 

In short; the land on which Israel is located was theirs going back 4,000 years. It’s Judean Samaria. Given by God and sacred to them. Theirs, and theirs until they were displaced for 2,000 years. Then they came back, bought it back, and it belongs to them.

The rights of ‘indigenous peoples’ have been a cause celebre’ lately. Does that apply then to the Jewish people too?

Rhetoric calling them ‘colonizers’ is just not right. It would be a land squabble if it wasn’t so very much more. It’s a spiritual battle on an immense scale as enemies of the Jews drool over killing them until not one single one exists any longer.

Our nation has been joined in spirit with God’s people always. America was founded on the order of Biblical principles and faith rules our way of life, which by the way has been the admired wonder of the world. We’ve always stood with Israel, always defended them, always worked with them, always respected them. And always known their land is theirs. 

Thank you for speaking out.

Joan Holt Lindsey, Founder and President of Lindsey Communications


I’m sure all of you are now truly upset with what you’re not only seeing out of Israel, but also what you’re seeing in MANY U.S. cities and especially on college campuses.  It’s truly unimaginable that ANYONE with a heart would even attempt to defend the demonic deeds of Hamas Terrorists against innocent civilians in their surprise attacks last week. 

It is overwhelming and we can only take it to the Lord in prayer, but our prayers lead us to ask, “What can I do Lord?” He’s clearly put on our hearts to pray for Israel and the peace of Jerusalem, to maybe contribute money to some of the relief organizations working there, and maybe some of you have even been to rallies in support of Israel. Is there more we can do?? 

YES!!!! This email is going to God’s people across the nation but it’s not a typical “list”. This list wasn’t bought or swapped or traded, it was BUILT by relationships. Every single one of you is an influencer and we all have a responsibility to do all we can in every situation we see that God puts on our hearts. There are pastors and activists, organizational leaders and donors and significant media influencers who are reading this right now— we absolutely can do something more about what we are seeing in our own nation. 

The first thing we as Christians must do is become informed! It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that the groups marching “for Hamas/Palestine/Islam”, etc are maybe among the most uninformed, uneducated and deceived people in world history. This is only funny because of their own lack of knowledge, but the signs seen at several protests that say something on the order of “Queers for Palestine” just make you shake your head in total disbelief! Forget that they are voicing support for the heinous and demonic attacks on babies and grandmothers and unarmed families, but isn’t that a bit like a chicken going to a Chick Fil A rally with a sign, “Chickens for Chick Fil A??” It infuriates me to see the number of college students, who evidently believe they are being righteous in their thinking to march in support of Hamas. College kids have always been activists and most of us would agree, we are NOT the same people today that we were in college, so maybe we relate a bit to the social-activism. No, we likely won’t move many of the students on those campuses. Surely though, some of us DO know the college presidents, Board members, and probably some of the significant donors to those colleges. Maybe we need to think seriously about who we know who COULD impact those colleges who have been FAR too silent in this fight. Do donors to these colleges know that the college they are funding remains silent about this issue? Maybe if some donors stopped funding these colleges, it would get their attention. Maybe that is something God is nudging you to do? 

It is also apparent that some in the mainstream press are calling for a restrained or proportionate response by Israel. Do they want Israel to count the murdered babies, or families, or the numbers of women raped or people tortured, and try to equalize that??? It just shows you how messed up so many people’s thinking really is these days! There is no doubt in my mind that as this war proceeds, there will be many in today’s corporate press who will go totally against Israel’s efforts to rid the world of the Hamas monsters. Look for that and help stand strong with Israel to defend themselves and exact retribution for these awful acts. 

Finally, as far as information, don’t limit yourself to the network or even cable news here in the U.S.  Some of them are already trying to claim that the atrocities didn’t really happen. It’s pretty inconvenient for those folks that the jihadi murderers live streamed so much of their evil work. If you doubt it, and you should brace yourself, check out some unfiltered, international news— take a look at or how about For a Christian perspective from an evangelical friend of mine, go to Joel Rosenberg's site. If you can't get to the site, keep trying since they have endured constant cyberattacks that have shut them down. Joel, of course, is the best-selling Christian author of some 16 books about the Middle East. If you haven’t read his stuff, you should definitely check out The Rosenberg Report,, too, on TBN. 

God Bless y’all and God Bless Israel!! 

Stay in the fight, this is our time!


Chad Connelly, Founder and President of Faith Wins


Antisemitism Flooding America’s Colleges


It is no longer hidden. Hate-driven antisemitism is blatantly on display on America’s college campuses. These flames of hostility against Jewish students have been brewing for quite some time. Shockingly, the recent mass killing of hundreds of Jews in Israel by the invading terrorist group, Hamas, has actually intensified this dangerous resolve on our universities. Many might assume, at first glance, that these anti-Jewish demonstrations are purely the result of radical Muslim Arabic immigrant students. The truth is that many of these students are not Arabic or Muslim but come from well-off traditional American families. These students are being influenced by an alarming number of leftist professors who openly despise Jews and Israel.


A frequent tactic is to openly push propaganda in the classroom. One such instructor from Stanford University reportedly required all the Jewish students in the class to stand in the corner, face the wall, while he stated that “only 6 million Jews were killed in the Holocaust.”


At Harvard University, over two dozen student clubs, each likely with a professor sponsor, signed a letter attributing the mass brutal killings of Jews to Israel and, as a result, expressing support for Hamas. These events are part of a wider trend, with well-orchestrated demonstrations in various campuses across the country advocating for Hamas and the destruction of Israel.


Students who choose to stand up for Jews and Israel often encounter verbal and sometimes physical violence, not to mention outright selective censorship. For example, the bias at Columbia University became apparent when they decided to ban demonstrations only after Jewish and Christian students supporting Israel decided to demonstrate in response to the already vocal pro-Hamas demonstrators.


With that said, all is not lost. In times like these, I am pleased to report that we at Pacific Justice Institute have 36 offices in 29 states standing ready and able to defend Jewish and Christian students who are being harassed, threatened, or attacked by the many antisemitic, pro-terrorist students or professors on college campuses. Enough is enough. Now is the time for all of us to support those who are standing up for Israel and oppose the tentacles of bloodthirsty terrorism that are blatantly displaying their hatred on our colleges and universities. The historical price of complacency is far too high.


Those who know of a student or group victimized by antisemitism should contact PJI immediately at for legal counsel and possible representation, completely without charge.

Brad Dacus is the Founder and President of Pacific Justice Institute ____________________________________________________________

In Closing:

Dear friends, my best contributions to our efforts tend to be a byproduct of my desire to have a thorough understanding of complex issues.  The history of the nation of Israel and ongoing conflicts is certainly one of the more complex issues around which I’m quickly trying to wrap my brain.  BUT, I’m good at asking “Why?”  Americans as a whole seem to be in the same position…trying to play a quick game of catch-up on the issues we’re hearing about in the news daily now since this war broke out earlier in the month. We need to know the basics so that we are best equipped to share, pray and lead on this issue.  So, I asked the very best source “Why?” and reached out to our expert on all things Israel, President of American Values and long time friend, Gary Bauer.  Gary also served as a Trump appointee to the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom.  This man knows Israel, he understands what has happened and what’s happening now, and he’s sharing the basics with us so we can best educate others.  Here’s what he says…

  • Abram, who later became Abraham, was the first Jew.  This is documented in Genesis 12 and 17.

  • Both the Old Testament and the New Testament is a history of the Jewish people

in the land of Israel. The effort to erase the Jewish presence in the Holy Land is

also an effort to erase the Christian scriptures.

  • Jerusalem, the City of David, was the center of Jewish life in biblical times, and

has never been the capital of any nation other than Israel.

  • The Roman emperor Hadrian brutally crushed a Jewish revolt in 135 AD,

dispersing Jews all over the region. Islam would not exist for another 500 years.

  • There has never been a nation called, “Palestine.” Palaestina was the Roman

name assigned to the conquered province of Judea and the land Jews lived in.

  • In 1948, Scripture was fulfilled with the return of the Jewish people to their

biblical homeland and the creation of the modern state of Israel.

  • Ever since 1948, Israel has had to repeatedly defend itself against virtually every

“neighbor” in the region to prevent the destruction of the only Jewish nation in the

world. (There are nearly 50 majority-Muslim nations in the world.) Among these

conflicts are the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, the Sinai War (1956), Six Day War

(1967), the Yom Kippur War (1973), the First Lebanon War (1982) and the

Second Lebanon War (2006).

  • In 2005, under severe international pressure, Israel withdrew from Gaza, which it

won in the 1967 Six Day War. Israel “disengaged” from Gaza under the mistaken

belief that it would advance peace in the region.

  • In 2006, the Palestinian people elected Hamas as their government. Divisions

with the ruling Fatah Party, however, caused Hamas to break off and violently

seize control of Gaza the following year.

  • Hamas refuses to recognize Israel’s right to exist, and is designated as a terrorist

organization by the United States and other nations. For the last 18 years, Israel

has suffered repeated attacks from Hamas terrorists operating in Gaza.

  • Today, Israel faces Iranian-trained terrorists in Gaza, the Iranian proxy Hezbollah

in Lebanon, and the Iranian regime itself, which is building nuclear weapons.

  • Iran’s leaders have repeatedly promised to destroy Israel. The attack on October

7, 2023, killed more than 1,300 Israelis, the proportional equivalent of the United

States losing approximately 40,000 civilians in one day.

Having both the long form and short form overviews of what has occurred across such an expanse of history, we know that Israel is not the aggressor in this conflict. There are those on the other side who are intently trying to confuse us about the accuracy of these facts…to flip the script, point the finger at Israel and justify vicious attacks with the ultimate goal of wiping the Jewish people from this earth.  We stand resolute with the nation and people of Israel and send our most passionate prayers up over their safety.  Our own nation needs to know these truths, and the Church Finds Its Voice Coalition and Standing With Coalition are grateful to each of you for sharing them.

Kielle Campbell Lindsey is the President of the Lindsey Foundation


As always, we are standing with you and are praying for each of you and yours! 

-Joan, Brad, Chad and Kielle  

Your Church Finds Its Voice Leadership Coalition

*Please share this important communication and forward on to your networks!




“A Recommendation of America’s Best Historical Sermons for Your Consideration This Month.”  Wallbuilders sermon archives are historically significant and relevant to current political and cultural events.  Here is… 





TRUSTED MEDIA SOURCES (Credit: Media Research Center) 

Washington Examiner

Daily Caller

Washington Times

Real Clear Politics

The Daily Wire

CNS News

News Max

One America News

El American



Chad Connelly 

President, Faith Wins 

Brad Dacus 

President, Pacific Justice Institute 

Joan Holt Lindsey 

Founder and President, Lindsey Communications 

Kielle C. Lindsey

President, the Lindsey Foundation 

To read more about Church Do’s and Don’ts and for an expanded list of resources and contacts to call for help, please visit: 

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